The story of Essers

The fitness industry has failed you. This is why we won’t.

When I decided to move to Los Angeles from Indiana and open a personal training studio, I wanted to change the status quo of the industry. A business that operated with YOUR results in mind. One that brought the necessary accountability for your potential to be realized.

Want to train less than 3x/week, stay within your comfort zone, and dabble in your goals?

There are countless places that will take your money.

Want to transform your life, achieve things that you would have never thought possible, and have fun in the process?

Enter Essers.

We coach everyone, but we’re not for everyone. If you’re the right fit, I can’t wait to meet you.

We're more than just a gym

We’re a holistic wellness destination and empowering lives beyond fitness.

Building strong bonds

Connect with like-minded individuals & foster a supportive network for lasting friendships.

Beyond fitness

Wellness workshops and events to nurture growth outside of workouts.

Nurturing well-being

Mindfulness and self-care resources to support mental wellness for overall health.

Making a positive impact

Community outreach programs to give back and strengthen the local community.

Ready to have a conversation?

Click below, let us know your goals, and we’ll chat on the phone to see if we’re a great fit.

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5 out of 5 stars

Essers is a true gem. The spirt of the Cross-fit, with the personalized attention of concierge-level physical training. Functional fitness is my kind of philosophy --- mobility, stability, strength, flexibility leads to dynamic health. No matter what shape you're in when you start.

Michael M.
Los Angeles, CA