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Three steps to unlock your potential.

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It starts here. We need to know what you want to achieve and why that matters to you.

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We’ll chat about those goals and determine if we’re a great fit for each other. If so, we will...

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You'll come to the facility and we will really work to understand what you need to succeed

If you still like us after all that, you will have two program options presented to you…

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3 month commitment

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1 year commitment

The programs each include the following:

Personalized Program

Each training session is tailored to your needs and goals.

Expert Guidance

Led by the Head Coach we select for you, our knowledge and support will keep you safe.

Data Tracking

You will be regularly re-assessed according to 10 objective measures. There will never be ambiguity about your progress.

Supportive Community

Your peers will end up being your biggest cheerleaders and your biggest inspiration.

What does semi-private training mean? Is it still personal training?

How come you require 3x/week?

Why do you refer to clients as athletes? I’m not an athlete!

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5 out of 5 stars

I have been training with Kasey for over 2 years and he is the best out there. I quit Equinox to join this facility and couldn't be happier - it is a great place to work out with a high energy vibe and serious, committed athletes - I love the small group training which is personalized to me but also gives a feeling of community and (friendly) competition.

Alex Z.
West Hollywood, CA