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Macty Castellanos

Our resident injury prevention expert and longest-tenured Coach. When you train with Macty, you'll not only laugh, but you'll understand why the movements you are doing are important for your specific goals.

Jimmy Joseph

With a Master's degree in Exercise Science, this New York native is devoted to promoting fitness for ALL with the belief that it's for everybody and every BODY.

Juan Valle

A graduate of California State Northridge with a Bachelor's in Kinesiology, Juan works to combine his love for sports and coaching by instilling in our athletes the confidence necessary to truly reach their potential.

Sanam Damsaz

This mother of three is the definition of "supportive accountability". You'll feel heard and seen in a way you never have before, but don't even think about cancelling your session.

Liza Davis

A former Division 1 tennis player, injuries forced Liza to make what ended up being the "best decision of her life"...becoming a Coach. She loves helping clients overcome injuries, bringing her athlete mindset to each of those she works with.

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5 out of 5 stars

Without a doubt the best place to workout. This isn't a crossfit gym. At Essers you get a concentrated personalized workout without the private personal trainer price tag. Kasey and his staff know their stuff & with the recent addition of Sofia Costa PT, DPT, CES it truly is the only place to achieve whatever physical goals you may have. A total no nonsense facility with a fresh personal approach. I'm stunned that there aren't more facilities like Essers.

Joe M.
Culver City, CA