Laura K

A transformative journey. One year at Essers.

Case Study

Before I started training at Essers, I struggled to create a path forward to reach my goals. I didn’t have the expertise to develop a training program, one-to-one personal training was too expensive, and it was difficult to get motivated when I didn’t have clear benchmarks or consistent support.

I was impressed that in my initial conversation with Kasey, he took the time to get to know me and to understand my aspirations. I loved the model of group training with individualized programming which blended the best of specific, focused direction with community-building at an affordable price. The coaches are top-rate; they’re knowledgeable and well-informed about training strategies and the psychology that helps goal-setting and motivation, while creating a welcoming and positive environment. This combination has inspired me to stay the course with slow, steady, sustained progress that has led to big gains.

I have been training at Essers for six years – it has become a cherished and invaluable part of my life.

#1 - Show Up

There are no excuses. There are only commitments. Excellence is consistency.

Research has shown that motivation follows action. I’ve found this to be true at Essers where the community of coaches and fellow athletes are critical to my accomplishments. Each small success builds on top of the previous one, resulting in larger and more substantial gains over time. Being accountable to my coaches, who take the time and care to create individual programs for me and who track and celebrate my successes, helps me to show up four times a week at 5:30 am. If they can meet me early in the morning, I can commit to my part. The athletes who train at the same ungodly hour also inspire me.

#2 - Chase Change

You don't want to be uncomfortable, you have to be. Complacency is the enemy.

Essers’ coaches have taken the time to get to know me which allows them to understand how to inspire and challenge me. Sometimes I want to just go through the motions of my workout so I can check the box, but the coaches don’t allow athletes to get comfortable. As soon as I accomplish a goal, my coach revises my program to keep my body and mind engaged. I’m continuously excited to learn what I’m capable of. I never dreamed I would develop the strength, agility, and athleticism I have as a woman in my mid-50s.

#3 - Grow No Matter What

If you're not failing, you're not growing. Growth is the process that is your lifelong goal.

It’s impossible to stay in my comfort zone when my coaches are attuned to my progress and adjusting my program as I improve along the way. The coaches know how to keep me on my edge of growth, so I don’t get static or comfortable. They set a high bar and provide support and encouragement while also holding athletes accountable in a clear, kind, and firm way.

#4 - Embrace Conflict

Everyone gets better when they say what they mean. Ugly truths are assets.

I know I can count on the coaches to be honest with me. Being held accountable when I’m lying to myself or in denial about my fitness or nutrition habits is an invaluable mirror the coaches offer. Coaches welcome feedback from me about what works, so they can better coach me to reach my goals. If a coach says I’m doing an exercise correctly or that they can see improvement, I know it’s not empty praise but genuine feedback.

#5 - Let Go of Old Assumptions

Open your mind to a new story. The same narrative will deliver the same result. Believe in action.

Essers meets each athlete where we are but doesn’t allow us to stay there. Coaches want to know how much sleep we got, what we ate for dinner the night before, and how we’re managing our stress to help us tweak our habits. Coaches also strive to understand the stories that we tell ourselves so they can help us understand ourselves and our motivations in deeper ways. At Essers, everyone is considered an athlete (not a client), a designation that has allowed me to see myself as empowered. Thinking of myself as an athlete helped me to become an athlete by making choices that athletes would make regarding my nutrition, sleep, activity level outside the gym, and challenges I have undertaken, like doing Spartan races and trail races.

#6 - Confront Yourself

Self-awareness is the foundation for better questions and clearer answers. We challenge you to pay attention to yourself. Vigilance is the victory.

We all have our reasons why we shy away from doing hard things. We naturally gravitate toward the easiest path in the short term. Showing up and putting in the work no matter what forces me to face my fears and to be accountable. My coaches help me overcome psychological barriers by being curious and solution focused. Working closely with a coach to articulate my goals and anticipate possible obstacles helps them design programs that motivate me to do my best.

#7 - Rebel Against Normal

Listen to others and you will become just like them. You want to be you, not them.

Each program is designed with me and my goals in mind. Programs change quarterly, which allows for regular opportunities to check in with my coach to determine how to proceed with my individual goals and aspirations. In each training session, we have conversations about the exercises and how my body is feeling and responding to the various challenges. I love having my specific program that allows me to compete with myself in a space shared by other athletes working on their own goals—this format allows us to celebrate others’ unique accomplishments. Knowing that everyone at the gym is having the experience of setting individual goals and working toward them together is inspiring.

#8 - Do Better Together

You start with motivation, but you stay for the inspiration. Community is strength.

When you’re taking charge of your health and fitness for the long haul, motivation needs to be constantly renewed. It’s easy to feel motivated when you decide to make a lifestyle change, and there’s always lots of energy at the beginning of a journey. But I know that I owe my sustained efforts to the energy and support I get from my fellow early morning athletes who work out with me and the coaches who are passionate and disciplined about the work they do.

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5 out of 5 stars

I have been training with Kasey for over 2 years and he is the best out there. I quit Equinox to join this facility and couldn't be happier - it is a great place to work out with a high energy vibe and serious, committed athletes - I love the small group training which is personalized to me but also gives a feeling of community and (friendly) competition.

Alex Z.
West Hollywood, CA